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Georgia Chapter

Contact Information

Leslie Thomas
119 Rising Star Road
Ellijay, GA 30536
Phone:  770-757-0931 (cell)

Chapter website:

Board of Directors

President/National TOTA Delegate, Leslie Thomas*    
Vice President/Programs, Tony Harris* 
Secretary, Linda Baker* 
Treasurer, Linda Fletcher* 
National TOTA Delegate, Dola Davis* 
Board Member, William Barker
Board Member, Doug Mabry
Board Member, Patsy Edgar
Board Member, J. B. Tate
Board Member, Sarah Hill, Ph.D.
Board Member, Myra Reidy, Ph.D.    
Board Member, Jeff Stancil
Board Member, Linda Turner

*Denotes executive board member

Research Projects and Activities:

 The chapter is involved with an ongoing archaeological study of the fort sites used during the Cherokee Removal. The chapter is also working with the National Park Service to develop wayside exhibits for the sites. A sign committee has been established to place “Original Route” signs along the removal routes. In addition, the chapter is working with the National Park Service to identify witness sites as well as sites owned by the Cherokees.

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